ZHUO Wansheng.Mechanism of landslides in the alluvial pebble layer distribution area:a case study of the landslope in a resettlement area in Anxi County[J].Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology,2020,47(2):169-177.[doi:10.16030/j.cnki.issn.1000-3665.201908048]





Mechanism of landslides in the alluvial pebble layer distribution area:a case study of the landslope in a resettlement area in Anxi County
1.福建省安溪县地质灾害研究所,福建 安溪362400;2.福州大学安溪地质灾害防治研究生工作站,福建 安溪362400
ZHUO Wansheng12
1.Anxi Geo-hazard Office, Anxi, Fujian362400, China;2.Graduate Workstation of Geological Disaster Prevention, Fuzhuo University, Anxi, Fujian362400,China
alluvial pebble layer seepage landslide U-shaped tube water guide blind drainage ditch
地下水渗流是冲洪积卵石土层分布区发生滑坡的主控因素。安溪县某安置区的北侧边坡就是处于这种地质环境并受此影响,自2010年6月以来变形持续加剧、范围逐年扩展。目前,滑坡后缘整体下错达1.5 m,坡体纵横裂缝密布,前缘挡墙鼓出,坡体正处于强变形阶段。文章以此为例,着重讨论冲洪积卵石土层分布区形成滑坡的工程地质条件、水文地质条件及变形破坏特征,分析变形破坏的控制因素和滑坡形成机理,预测滑坡的稳定性。结果表明:冲洪积卵石土层形成的渗流系统,在充沛、多源的地下水补给等因素作用下,也会导致高差小、坡度缓的边坡发生严重地质灾害;基于现状水位,采取工程措施后,将坡体地下水位再降低4 m,稳定性系数将由原先的0.987~1.048提高至1.298~1.388,边坡可达到稳定状态。针对致灾成灾的主控因素和稳定性验算结果,提出采用“盲沟盲管排水+定向敷管导水+竖井”为治水止滑的主措施。本文研究是对地下水渗流控制型滑坡治理方法的有益探索和挑战,可为类似滑坡机理研究提供有益的参考借鉴。
Groundwater seepage is the main controlling factor for the deformation and failure of landslides in a cobble layer. Since June in 2010, the slope of a resettlement area in Anxi has shown signs of deformation and failure many times, and the scale and scope expands year by year. At present, the trailing edge of the landslide is staggered by 1.5 m as a whole, the slope is densely covered with vertical and horizontal cracks, and the slope is in a strong deformation stage. As an example, this study focuses on discussing the characteristics of landslide and deformation and failure characteristics of the cobble layer. The control factors and disaster mechanism of deformation and failure are analyzed to predict the stability of the landslide. By taking investigations and engineering surveys, the hydrogeology, stratigraphic lithology and the material compositions of the landslide are figured out. The results shows that the alluvial cobble layer and the developed seepage system, together with the multi-source recharge of groundwater, can also lead to serious geological disasters on slopes with small height differences and gentle slopes. The groundwater level of the slope is 4 m lower than the current level, and the stability coefficient has increased from 0.987~1.048 to 1.298~1.388, reaching a stable state. The measures of using blind drainage ditch to control water are also put forward. This research is a useful exploration and challenge to the control methods of this kind of groundwater seepage, and it is also expected to provide useful reference for similar landslide researched.


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